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Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Year 9

Now i was in year nine so the top of my key stage so manyy people were to be impressed and people were looking up to me (litterally). There were so many tests to do and everything seemed like a competition. This is when i found out who my real friends were...The teachers changed with their opinions towards us as they thought we were more mature...Sorry to disappoint MR N.....I think that year nine has been the best year so far inspite of all the pressure and awkwardness....

Year 8

When i got into year 8 everything seemed alot easier and clearer. I knew where everything was and i knew how the school worked. I found some new friends who are now my best friends including (Emma and Abi, LOL). Everyone seemed alot nicer and all of the pressure was off so i had nothing to worry about....until i entered the hell that was year nine....

Year 7

Many people believe that the first year of school is the hardest..They are right. When i first went to big school i was terrified i didn't know what to do. Many people told me it would be ok but i still didn't believe them. When i first got 2 school it looked sooo big and crowded. All the people i met seemed a bit wierd and very different to the people in my primary school...It was awful...The only thing that cheered me up were the teachers and eventually finding some great friends to hang around with...

Sunday, 29 June 2008

Dane Cook

Heya Everybody

You hav 2 check out these three videos on youtube they r sooo funny

Dane Cook - Sneeze
Dane Cook - Brain Ningas
Dane Cook - Crying


Thursday, 26 June 2008

Bloggers Arrest

Many Bloggers have been arrested...
More bloggers than ever face arrest for exposing human rights abuses or criticising governments, says a report.
Since 2003, 64 people have been arrested for publishing their views on a blog, says the University of Washington annual report.
In 2007 three times as many people were arrested for blogging about political issues than in 2006, it revealed.
More than half of all the arrests since 2003 have been made in China, Egypt and Iran, said the report.

Thursday, 19 June 2008

The Google Controversy

Google wanted to make all pieces of writing e.g. books etc. available to the public domain so everyone could enjoy it but many people are annoyed about this as many of the books are copywrited so it will be a breach against that....
Is that ok sir???

Joke of the Month

"A camel makes an elephant feel like a jet plane."


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